Monday, February 21, 2011

Hollaback Baltimore Launch Party 02/12/11

The Hollaback Organization is dedicated to ending street harassment through education and internet disbursement of photos of offending parties.  Baltimore has come into the fold with its own regional site, which enjoyed a launch party last weekend at the Metro Gallery.  I posted about this happening and the event was well received, with a good crowd and great acts.  Shawna Potter played host as raffle prizes from a dozen local businesses were given away and tables stationed with personnel from various activist groups spread the word.  A nice bit of video was garnered from the event, which I have posted below.

First up, a short video outlining the evening as a whole, with brief clips of the entertainment for the evening.

Baltimore's best shoe-gazers, the Thrushes, played an awesome set.  I wish I could have posted a few of their new tracks, which are stellar, but sound issues prevent me from doing so.  Two songs that came out quite well on tape are "As Much to Lose" and "Love Song", both off of Night Falls.

Courtney Hargrove has an amazing voice.  It was my first time seeing her perform, and the earnest, sometimes strained delivery has a strength behind it that is undeniable.  Playing as two-thirds of Me and This Army a series of original tunes opened the evening.  Here "Time to Lose" is followed by "So".  I liked the set so much (and the recording came out well)  I posted the audio for the whole thing below as well.

Me & this Army Live @ Metro 02-12-11 by Guy Werner

Closing the show and indeed bringing down the house was War on Women, with Shawna Potter belting out feminist-driven thrash rock.  Her message ringing loud and clear, the music is loud and raucous.  Relatively new to the Baltimore scene, look for this band to start threatening harassment everywhere.

Before you comment: I realize the date is wrong on all the videos in the titles.  But they're already rendered and uploaded, so there goes my journalistic integrity.

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