Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Audio: Lands & Peoples - Record Release this Friday!!!

This Friday is the record release show for Lands & Peoples.  These guys are amongst my absolute favorite locals, and I am certain the new album will be amazing.  The show is at the Soft House and you ought to go.  The last time I recorded these guys was last year in August at the Metro Gallery, and I uploaded a video from the show and posted it on this here blog.  Originally I opted not to upload the audio of the whole show simply because I missed the first two minutes, and I like to be a completist.  It is a shame I missed those couple minutes, because Chase O'Hara and Amy Reid (formerly of INEVERYROOM) accompanied Beau Cole and Caleb Moore on an improv that was really wild sounding.  You still get the last few minutes of that track.  Since then I've found myself listening to the set on my own, so if I enjoy it, chances are you may as well.  These are familiar songs which were the core of their live set for most of 2011 and I assume will be on the new album as well, but every one is great.  Get psyched for the show now, and go on Friday!

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